Q: Is your home available during my dates, and what does it cost?
A: We keep our calendars up to date and it’s rare that a calendar does not reflect current availability. If you do a general search based on dates, you’ll see which homes are available.  Please note that there are minimum stay requirements that vary based on your specific dates.

Q: Are there any additional costs?
A: There are a few additional charges such as a cleaning fee, lodging tax, and refundable damage deposit.  City and State lodging tax totaling 15% is due on any stay under 30 days.

Q: What’s the cheapest way to visit Austin?
A: Renting a home is a great value to travelers.  Our best pricing is available if your dates don’t include a Friday or Saturday night, which is great for business travelers.  Please contact us and we’re happy to let you know what our best deals are!

Q: Are early check ins or late check outs available?
A: Unlike a hotel, we can’t juggle people around 100 identical rooms.  Check outs past 11am are usually not possible due to cleaning schedules.  Early check ins before 4pm are sometimes possible if the home is not occupied the night before, and the cleaners are able to prepare the home in time.

Q: Can I host an event at one of your rentals?
A: The City of  Austin prohibits vacation rentals from hosting events, plus we think doing so would make us bad neighbors.  We suggest renting a venue for any events you’re planning.

Q: “I have a big remodeling project” or “I sold my home and can’t move into my new one yet.” Is a vacation rental a good place for my family to stay?
A: Absolutely.  No one likes moving, and since our homes are all furnished with all bills paid, that takes a lot of stress and hassle out of finding temporary lodging.  Remodeling or moving are stressful, but reserving one of our homes is easy and you’ll appreciate being away from all the noise and dust.